How does a Rolex watch need to be maintained?

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Because of its delicacy, strength and durability, the Rolex brand is much loved by watch fans. As an internationally renowned brand, Rolex quality is beyond question. It has been said that a Rolex is forever. However, even the best quality watches require maintenance. Suitable maintenance of a watch can extend its life, allowing the watch to appear and perform in its best condition. But how does a Rolex watch need to be maintained? The following is a brief introduction for table fans.

How does a Rolex watch need to be maintained
How does a Rolex watch need to be maintained

How does a Rolex watch need to be maintained?

The maintenance of a Rolex is divided into seven aspects: dust, magnetic field protection, waterproofing, shockproofing, temperature protection, wear, and movement lubrication.

 Rolex Anti-Dust Maintenance

Dust is not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of watch maintenance, but dust can be the biggest enemy of watch movements. Even in daily usage, for most people dust will never be a problem. Daily dust care for most Rolex owners consists of simple wiping the case with a wiping cloth. But for those people who work in very dusty areas, you may eventually have a dust problem in your watch. If the watch is exposed to dust-intensive areas for a long time, dust may actually enter the watch case. The increase of dust in the movement which results will cause the oil on the movement to dry faster, and will reduce the service life of the watch. If you suspect dust might have gotten into your watch case, it is best to bring it to a professional Rolex maintenance shop for a thorough inspection.

Protecting your Rolex from Magnetic Interference

Many watch owners have had the experience of their watches suddenly having timing errors for no apparent reason. This might be the result of magnetic influences. There are electromagnetic fields literally everywhere in our environment. If you regularly place your watch next to your TV, for example, it will soon be affected by the magnetic fields near the TV, and lead to errors in the watch movement. If you suspect this might be the case, the watch can be sent to professionals for a process known as “degaussing”, whereby a remnant magnetic field in an object can be reduced or eliminated. In order to prevent this situation in the first place, whether while wearing your watch or during storage, we recommend that you keep it away from strong magnetic fields.

Protection from Moisture

Most high end brand name watches nowadays have excellent moisture resistance. But the Swiss watchmakers take waterproofing to a whole new level. Most watches are considered waterproof if they are certified to a depth of 30 to 50 meters. But, in fact, the Swiss watchmakers consider a 30 to 50-meter depth certification as just an everyday watch, and consider a depth certification to 100 meters to be necessary for use in water. If, in fact, the watch is to be used by a diver, Swiss watchmakers recommend that it be certified to 200 meters.


Shockproofing of the watch movement is another maintenance issue that needs to be addressed. Watch movements are relatively fragile. Watch wearers must be cognizant of the amount of sudden jerky movements or shocks a watch is exposed to during use. For instance, f you wear a watch that is not high in shockproof performance, it is recommended that you not participate in golf or other high impact sports while wearing it. Although a golf swing is not considered a high impact shock to the human skeleton, it can have a big impact on a watch.

how does a Rolex watch need to be maintained
How does a Rolex watch need to be maintained


A change of temperature can also affect a watch’s performance. For example, if you wear a diving watch into a sauna, the sudden increase in temperature can cause the waterproofing gasket in the watch to prematurely age, and diminish its waterproofing ability.

Scratches and Wear

No matter what the material of the watch, wear is an inevitable issue- even if the case is stainless steel. Many of Rolex’s watch cases are made of 904L stainless steel. Even these high quality cases might be scratched because of the friction and collision with tabletops or other objects. Therefore, we should be aware of hard objects the watch case and bracelet are coming in contact with, and try to minimize these as much as possible.

Rolex watches require regular maintenance. Of course, each watch’s maintenance interval is a little bit different. For example, Omega’s current coaxial movement needs to be maintained once every 10 years, while other mechanical watches under the normal wear are generally required to be sent to professional institutions for maintenance every 4-5 years. As we all know, watch wear is an unavoidable problem. The balance of the movement experiences more than ten thousand instances of friction each minute. Over time, the oil in the movement tends to dry out, making these points of friction more damaging. Therefore, every high-end watch needs regular maintenance.Many people now choose Rolex high-imitation watches, so they not only can enjoy the latest models, but also save a lot of money in the process.So do the imitation type watches also need maintenance? Of course, the answer is yes.  Although the replica watches are cheaper, their accessories are very beautiful, and many movements are directly imported from Switzerland, so in appearance and workmanship, they are not inferior to the genuine watch.

How does a Rolex watch need to be maintained
How does a Rolex watch need to be maintained


Although the Rolex watch is indeed strong and durable, this does not mean that the watch cannot be damaged. Even with just casual wear and use, we must pay attention to waterproofing, dustproofing, magnetic interference, bumps or shocks to the case and bracelet, excessive vibrations, as well as sudden and severe temperature changes. Paying attention to these issues can effectively extend the life of your Rolex. Of course, no matter how you wear or use your Rolex, it will also need professional maintenance on a regular basis. If you want to learn more about the maintenance of watches, you can go to the website (, where there more comprehensive and detailed explanations. Of course, my blog will also be regularly updated with knowledge of watch maintenance.

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